How to grow and expand using DMS - Shipox DMS

A survey conducted by Walker Sands showed that 54% of consumers in the age bracket of 25 and under that same-day shipping was one of the most essential factors while purchasing. This leads to the question of how businesses compete with logistic giants like Postmates and Amazon. That is where delivery planning comes into place.  

Delivery planning is basically the organization of routes and logistics to deliver the product. It is a really important factor in establishing a successful company.  Mainly because in order to stay in the competition, the company must be able to deliver. 

Due to the increase in competition, there is an increase in customer demands. In the sense that there are far too many options to choose from. If a business does not meet the expectations of the customers. The customer will go somewhere else. 

In a nutshell, it can be said that if there is not a good delivery plan in place, the company would not be able to meet the expectations of the customer. This would ultimately result in losing customers.  

Here’s where the delivery management service comes into place. The service  helps companies by: 

Tracking the Order:  

A survey conducted by Narvar devised that 83% of consumers wanted regular updates regarding the location of the product. DMS allows the business to cater to the requirement of the customer with order tracking.

Gives the Best Route Optimization:  

DMS can help with route optimization by scheduling deliveries and by mapping out the best routes for the deliveries. This can be extremely helpful in cutting down transport costs. Fast effective deliveries also make the customer happy 

Fleet tracking:  

DMS allows fleet managers to endorse a change in plans anytime it is required.  DMS allows schedules to be sent to the driver’s phone with explicit navigations and it also allows changes to be made. Managers are able to supervise the driver by being able to look at the location of the driver and the planned route. This helps by allowing the delivery to be done as soon as possible.  

Gives Proper Analytics:  

DMS gives businesses an insight into analytics. It helps them understand what routes, strategies are performing best. This helps in making future decisions.  

Delivery Management services basically help the business by taking one aspect under its umbrella. The business is able to focus on its clients and DMS helps the business grow. They are able to predict the needs of the customer which in turn helps the company cater to these needs. And DMS helps businesses meet the expectations of their customers by helping the business with aspects like timely deliveries.