How to Choose A Fleet Management Software - Shipox DMS

Fleet managers are now moving towards automating their operations by using a fleet management software. This is because fleet management is becoming more and more difficult with each passing day. The demand for online deliveries is increasing. This is resulting in the increase in demand for the highest quality of fleet management. This means that managers have to look over multiple different aspects of the delivery process, including the costs involved, the complexity in the workflow, the fuel consumption, driver performance, vehicle health, and much more. 

Fleet management software help managers understand how efficiently their fleet is performing. They provide easily accessible and actionable data about the performance of the delivery fleet. These software and programs help to ease the burden on the shoulders of fleet managers, streamline the workflow operations, reduce and optimize fuel costs, and automate business processes.

Fleet Management Software

Due to the increase in demand, there are many different fleet management software that are available for use in the market. Once managers make the decision to shift towards the usage of a software, another hurdle is to choose which would be the best for their business. Fleet management software also play a huge role in improving first day delivery success. You can learn and read more about FDDS here. There are certain features of a fleet management software that you must keep in mind when choosing the most suitable one for your business:

Analytics and Reporting

Fleet management must involve the finest reports about different aspects of the delivery process. It must be able to analyze and report large sums of data in the simplest ways to save time and increase the efficiency of the management process.

Real-Time Visibility

This does not only refer to the GPS location of the parcel, but easy monitoring access of the route, the time taken, the fuel consumed, efficiency, and the overall health of the delivery process. 

Route Optimization

This is an important feature. It enables the fleet to be managed with cost optimization, as it maps out the shortest routes that can save a lot of fuel. This feature can help make deliveries more than 67.9% more efficient. 

Strong Communication

This is not a common feature in most fleet management software. However, it is utterly important. This can be ensured through the presence of applications with the ability to send instant updates and notifications, and provide an easily accessible channel for instant communication to take place. 

Most software have these features available. However, the key is to find one that has all of them available in a single platform. It must be affordable and must be customized to match the needs of your particular business. 

Shipox is a data-driven Fleet Management Software that enables its users across a multitude of diverse industries to avail market competitive features and customer support in order to automate and perfect their delivery process. Shipox users are able to increase the efficiency of their delivery process, optimize their costs effectively, and enhance their customer experiences. To learn more, you can sign up for a quick demo here.