How Can The Driver App Enhance Your Business Efficiency? - Shipox DMS

On-demand delivery management at a large scale is difficult to manage, especially with the ongoing fluctuation in the developing e-Commerce marketplace. 

Over 67% of enterprise owners have emphasized the for need a software solution that would enable them to optimize their costs, allocate their resources effectively, and also enhance their customer experiences.

How Can The Driver App Enhance Your Business Efficiency?

Why are Driver Applications an Important Element of the Delivery Management Process?

The most equipped delivery management systems make sure that they provide users with the ability to manage their drivers in market-competent and effective ways. The strategic management of drivers accounts for almost 79.9% of a successful delivery operation. This helps in ensuring that the delivery staff is performing at its peak potential, the operations are being performed at the least possible cost and time, and that they are being delivered with complete proof of delivery and with customer satisfaction.

Renowned logistics and courier companies such as Liqui Moly have been able to use the Driver Application to improve their delivery process and handle at least 40-50 deliveries of their products for different clients per day. 

Read below to find out how the Shipox Driver App can help every business owner streamline their delivery operations.

How Can The Driver App Enhance Your Business Efficiency? 

Centralized Operations Platforms

Shipox aims to reduce the clutter and chaos that comes with staff management in the delivery process. 

  • The driver application acts as a single and centralized platform where managers can look over every single aspect of their drivers’ operations, including their onboarding, assignment of orders, the status of delivery, tracking of location, proof of delivery, customer notifications, and also the quality of their work. 
  • This is an ideal way to monitor the entire process and digitally ensure that each step of the delivery operation is carried out smoothly.                      

Ease In Business Operations

Upgrading and automating operations must not always equate to a lengthy training process and the hiring of a new team that can work with digital operations. 

  • Shipox has designed its Driver Application in a user-friendly and simple manner.
  • Your existing managers can easily install the application on their Android devices and manage all operations from a single platform.
  • Orders can be created directly from the backend and even the app itself, and the orders will be assigned from the users’ DMS account. 
  • The application also allows users to change its settings based on their own preferences. 

Improve KPIs and Team Performance

Negligence on behalf of the drivers is one of the main contributing factors to delayed orders or faulty deliveries, which leads to loss of customer satisfaction.

  • A well-monitored and accountable team of drivers is bound to give their best to ensure a smooth delivery. 
  • The dashboard helps managers keep a record of each driver’s performance, attendance, and allows the staff to become aligned with the operational aims of the organization. 

Proof of Delivery and Notifications

  • The application keeps drivers and managers informed about each customer’s order status, location, and relevant information. 
  • Once an order is delivered, the app allows the record of the proof of delivery along with the customer ID and signature. 
  • Moreover, it also provides notifications regarding each delivery step and lets drivers know when an order is assigned to them. 
  • This completes an informed and data-driven delivery process that is bound to work positively for your delivery management operations. How Can The Driver App Enhance Your Business Efficiency?
What is in the Driver App Menu?

The Shipox Driver App offers users a lot of functions and operations. Here is a quick overview of some of the options that one finds in its menu:

  • Orders – All orders assigned to you
  • New orders – All unassigned orders
  • Completed – All completed orders
  • Batch update – Use this option for batch pickup
  • Check in – To register your attendance
  • My profile – All your personal information
  • Settings – Change the settings of the app
  • Share app – Share the app
  • About – Details about Shipox
  • Legacy and Licence – Open source file details used in the app
  • Log out – Log Out from the app

Shipox is a data-driven Delivery Management Software that enables its users across a multitude of diverse industries to avail market competitive features and customer support in order to automate and perfect their delivery process. Shipox users are able to increase the efficiency of their delivery process, optimize their costs effectively, and enhance their customer experiences. To learn more, you can sign up for a quick demo here.