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Managing a commercial delivery fleet is a difficult task. Fleet management software are therefore necessary in order to help manage commercial fleets. This is because manual management of delivery fleets is becoming difficult with every passing day. There is a rise in the demand for online deliveries. Mismanagement in deliveries can result in delays in the process, and can decrease productivity as well. 

What is a Fleet Management Software?

A fleet management software is a central information system or an online platform that manages a group of commercial vehicles of vast geographical areas. It also controls the communication, monitoring, and the conduct of operations that comprise a delivery process. Overall, it helps in the management of fleet vehicles, staff, and all operations. It can also be integrated with other programs and software to help perfect delivery operations.

How Can Fleet Management Software Increase Productivity?

Fuel management software can increase productivity in many ways, including the following:

Fleet Management Software

Fuel Efficiency

Over speeding and taking longer routes to deliver orders wastes and consumes more fuel. This has a negative impact on profitability and also on overall productivity of the business. Such software increase fuel efficiency by enabling managers and business owners to keep track of fuel consumption.

Increased Customer Satisfaction 

Customer satisfaction is key to business success. With manual fleet management, customers are not always satisfied. This is because they face issues in receiving parcels on time, and may even receive the wrong orders. More than 37% of the customers who participated in a survey claimed that they would not order from the same brand another time if they already faced a poor delivery experience.

Increased Performance

Productivity increases when the team starts operating efficiently. Not only does this happen because of the automation of business operations, but also because of the real time visibility that is offered by the fleet management software. Real time visibility ensures that the fleet is aware that their operations are being monitored. This makes them more efficient and productive in terms of performance. 

Better Communication 

Communication among the team members and also between the team and the customers is highly important. Fleet management or delivery management software offer businesses an added advantage by providing them ease of communication. There are options for instant chatting, automated notifications, and regular updates. This plays a huge role in increasing the productivity of operations.

Fleet management software also play a huge role in improving first day delivery success. You can learn and read more about FDDS here.

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