Food Delivery Software: Prepare Your Restaurant For Ramadan And Eid

Ramadan can be a crucial point in time for businesses in the food and beverage industry. One of the main reasons for this is that it can be a make or break for you. This is because Ramadan can be a month where you can lose profits if you make the wrong moves and decisions, or it can also be a month where if you are able to strategize and plan correctly, you will be able to gain more customers and profits during the month. According to the latest research, restaurants are able to increase profits by more than 46% during the Ramadan and Eid season, if they are able to smartly implement their ideas in business operations. This article will discuss the different steps that you can take in order to prepare your restaurant or food business for success during this time. These include, but are not at all limited to the implementation of a food delivery software, introducing special campaigns, ordering a more customized menu, and planning strategically and smartly.

Let’s take a detailed look into these factors:

Food Delivery Software

Implementation of a Food Delivery Software: The implementation of a food delivery software should be a must in the month of Ramadan and even more so in the Eid days. This is because an influx of orders on the occasion and the narrow and strict time tables must be followed. A delivery management system automates orders and increases efficiency, which is not really possible using traditional or manual delivery management methods. A delivery management software is known to increase business efficiency by up to 60%. 

Introducing Special Campaigns: Special deals and offers in Ramadan and Eid must be considered as even though the month is all about fasting for practicing Muslims, it is also somehow about food which people look forward to having after long hours of restrain. Special campaigns means that you can offer discounts or deals for iftar and suhoor and you may also introduce midnight deals as this is often a peak time for increased order influx in Ramadan. 

Ordering a More Customized Menu: Make sure you offer a menu that is specially for Ramadan. Make suhoor and iftar meals nutritious and offer traditional food options. Make sure to offer drinks and beverages in ample quantities as people who are fasting want to keep themselves hydrated. Dates are usually essential edibles in Ramadan, so make sure to offer them in your meals. These little steps can make a huge impact on customer satisfaction rate and increase their loyalty. 

Planning Strategically and Smartly: Plan beforehand so that your restaurant and fleet are ready for operation in altered hours and immediate deliveries in the month of Ramadan. A delayed delivery can ruin the customer’s entire fasting process and this will definitely make a bad impression of your restaurant. You should fix operations in a way that you are available to deliver not only during suhoor, iftar, and midnight, but also during the rest of the operational hours of the day as not all people fast. 

It is reported that 3 out 5 customers who are happy with a restaurant’s food and services during Ramadan, continue to be regular customers on the day of Eid and also throughout the rest of the month. 
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