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What is First Day Delivery Success?

First Day Delivery Success (FDDS) is a clear sign or an indicator that the delivery process was successful in the first attempt. A high rate and improved FDDS is always great news for the customer, delivery executives, and the company that is providing the service. A high FDDS is important because it can act as the apparently minor factor that can help you achieve big things and contracts. According to recent studies, an unsuccessful delivery attempt in the first try can make companies lose upto 18% of their customers. Moreover, it can improve your customer experience significantly as well. It can also result in cost and resource optimization that would otherwise be spent on managing multiple delivery attempts, management and storage of items, and monitoring the delivery process. 

How to Improve the Rate of First Day Delivery Success?

It is highly important for companies to take the necessary measures to improve the rate of first day delivery success. Here are some of the ways in which they can achieve this:

First Day Delivery Success

Continuous Communication

One of the best hacks to a successful first attempt delivery process is to make sure that there is a strong chain of communication among the delivery providing company, the delivery fleet or drivers and the customer. Constant communication with the fleet can ensure that drivers are made aware that there is a pending order and can deliver it within due time without any hindrances. A fleet management software can play an important role in enhancing communication and updates with the fleet. Communication with customers helps to keep them aware of the delivery journey and about when their order is arriving so that they are available to pick it up, especially when its COD orders. According to a survey on consumer behavior, 64% of customers consider good communication as an indicator of a successful delivery process. 

Use Route Optimization

Route optimization software can help make the delivery journey a success. This is because it can help navigate the shortest possible route to deliver the order successfully in the first attempt. Moreover, it can also help to navigate any unexpected changes in the route in real time and can then deliver the order with complete efficiency in the shortest possible time. 

Benefit From Real-time Tracking

How can real-time visibility or real-time tracking help with first day delivery success? 

The answer is simple, it can do so by keeping customers informed. Customers can be aware of the real-time location of their orders and be aware of them to receive the order, which is especially useful when customers have to receive the order themselves, for instance when cash on delivery is involved. Moreover, delivery managers can also monitor the drivers’ routes and ensure that the delivery cycle is being completed with total efficiency. 

Increase Flexibility

A flexible delivery journey is always highly important for customer experience. This means that delivery on customer time windows should be a big option. There must be the ability to reschedule and cancel orders that are on the go based on customer demands. This not only makes customers feel incharge of their order cycle, but they are able to trust your brand. It increases customer loyalty and is highly profitable for your business.

Automate the Delivery Process

A successful delivery process is surely one that is highly automated. This can be done with the help of a delivery management software such as Shipox. This is because there are numerous features such as route optimization, real-time tracking, drivers application, enhanced communication and centralized operations that can help ensure a successful delivery process and keep customer demands in check. 

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