Fargo - Transforming Customer Experience - Shipox DMS

Business Challenge: Uzbekistan’s local delivery service company, Fargo Parcel Service, was set out to redefine and improve the customer experience with its technologically updated operations. While enhancing customer experience is the goal defined by almost every business, very few of them take practical measures to fulfill this goal in reality. Fargo needed to partner up with a company that would enable it to use its services for changing the face of e-Commerce deliveries locally, and Shipox had the perfect plan to achieve that.

Journey: Fargo came into business during the time when Uzbekistan’s e-Commerce market was in its nascent stages and needed technological and strategic advancements to meet global standards. The company paid huge importance to facilitate their customers through the safest and most reliable delivery service that could be provided. Shipox arranged multiple sessions of discussions during the initial on-boarding process. These were aimed to clarify and comprehend the companies expectations, needs, and to devise the perfect plan for implementation. Shipox delegated its team to specifically cater to all the doubts and challenges that the other party might face during the transition to a completely new software. 

The company wanted to cater to first and last mile deliveries in a way that would be cost-effective, modern and would satisfy customer demands. Shipox DMS was able to offer its services to meet these demands perfectly. The Driver Application, Real-Time Tracking and Heat Map succeeded in updating their existing delivery operations with a more systematic and technologically advanced approach. This ensured that they could increase the efficiency of shipments by allocating resources and drivers strategically, sorting orders, and tracking the entire delivery process. 

The White Label App managed by Shipox enabled them to allow their customers to place and track orders through their website. Fargo also succeeded in increasing customer involvement in their delivery process, through API integrations and customer notifications and communication. This was enabled in multi-languages to cater to all the customers within the region. To the company’s advantage, there was a massive reduction in the communication costs, which was previously elevated due to the inability to track or assign drivers, or communicate with customers in a systematic method via software. Other than this, Fargo was able to collaborate and outsource orders to or take orders from other Shipox users, such as Meest Asia. This was profitable for the courier and logistics market in the region and enhanced the quality and standard of deliveries by a manifold.

Transformation: The company was able to step up the way deliveries were managed in the region. It is planning to expand further into warehousing operations and other e-Commerce logistics talks about which are underway. It has now become one of the most prominent delivery and courier companies in Uzbekistan.