Delivery Management Software: Customer Loyalty in Ramadan

Delivery management software are now a crucial requirement for peak shipping seasons such as Ramadan, Eid, Christmas, and the holiday season. This is because there is usually a huge influx of orders during this season in all almost all industries, including retail, food, grocery, e-Commerce, etc. With such a large amount of customers placing orders and the customer demands at peak, you will notice all the competition in the market struggling to perform its best in the holiday season. More than 53% of customers in a survey claimed that they consider peak shipping seasons a crucial time to evaluate or judge their loyalty towards any brand. 

Most businesses are under the misconception that Ramadan, being the month of worship for Muslims around the world is a season where there might be a decline in the number of orders placed. However, they fail to realize that Muslims celebrate this month by buying the best items and ordering the most nutritious and delicious food, as well as prepare for the coming occasion of Eid immediately after. It is therefore important that your business offers customers with the best possible delivery experience so that they are able to remember your brand and become loyal clients. 

Here are some of the ways in which using the best delivery management software can help you win customer loyalty this Ramadan:

Delivery Management Software

Easy Navigation

Customer loyalty depends largely on customer trust The more easily your customer can track his or her parcel and the more updated they are throughout the order journey, the better it is for your brand. Your delivery management software should provide you with the best route optimization capabilities so that you can successfully enable customers to track their orders and navigate them with ease. 

Enhanced Customer Experience

Customer experience contributes to more than 71% of client loyalty towards a certain brand. A delivery management software can help increase this by offering efficient deliveries, with great communication with customers, and the ability to incorporate their feedback in the delivery operations. Ramadan is a month full of kindness and gratitude for most people, so make sure that the delivery personnel and your brand reflects the same values. Operational hours change during the month, so your delivery processes should also change accordingly. 

Contactless Deliveries

Contactless deliveries are mistaken by many delivery companies to be a thing of the past, but remember that customers will always appreciate the cautions that you can take for their safety. In Ramadan, most customers who are fasting will want to take care of their health in order to be able to fast healthily. Make sure that you offer contactless deliveries, or maybe just make sure thst your fleet follows the preventive measures against COVID-19, such as wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, being vaccinated, etc. 

Matchless Efficiency

Efficiency in delivery operations matters a lot in determining how clients will react towards your brand and the perception that they will develop towards it. In ramadan, timing of delivery matters, especially in terms of food and beverage or grocery industry as people fast during the day. It is also the month of hosting families and preparing for Eid, therefore timing matters a lot. 

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