Start managing home deliveries during the crisis, for free.

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Together, we are facing an unprecedented challenge. As we first learned about the virus, we evaluated the possible range of impacts and the emerging social, medical, and commercial requirements that might follow, including the impacts to clients across the varying global regions we serve. We developed and deployed a response plan.
We have worked hard to make our system available to both goods and services, so whether it is a pizza or a home service — Shipox is here to support you. The idea of ‘contactless’ delivery has never been more important, and our systems are configurable to adapt to your customers’ needs.
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Admin Web Backend

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 Track your team performance at a glance,Create custom messages that will automatically be sent to specified targets through e-mail, SMS, or push notification for each milestone met during the delivery process. You can track your delivery drivers past location using our radar feature which will show you your driver’s location throughout the day, minute by minute.

Customer Web Backend

Driver Mobile App