Advantages of Proof of Delivery in Last-Mile Deliveries - Shipox DMS

Last-mile deliveries have a number of different steps that need to be perfected in order for the end customer experience to be a success. There is a need for different features such as the automation of the delivery process, the ability to track the orders in real-time, and many such logistics in order to provide a market competitive delivery service. 

However, proof of delivery also plays a vital role in improving the last-mile delivery experience. Here are some reasons why:

Advantages of Proof of Delivery in Last-Mile Deliveries

Prevention of Delivery Related Disputes

One of the things that can go wrong with the delivery process is disputes arising with customers regarding the delivery of orders. Often, issues arise when customers claim that the order is delayed or not delivered so far. On the other hand, drivers may also claim that the customer has falsely reported that the delivery has not been made or has been delayed. This is troublesome for both drivers, vendors, and customers as well. Proof of delivery ensures that the reality is recorded and the endpoint of the order cycle is made transparent to all parties so that any confusion or disputes are resolved. 

Reduction in Chances of Fraud or Theft

Fraud in deliveries can be performed by either party. With proof of delivery, drivers can not make false claims of completing a delivery process. Similarly, customers can not make false allegations of unreceived deliveries, or that they have already made a payment. Drivers can not claim that they had not received the payment from the customer’s end and get away with financial fraud. Delivery management systems such as Shipox require customers to make an electronic signature or some other form of proof of delivery which ensures that the entire delivery process is completed with transparency and accountability. 

Elimination of Unnecessary Paperwork

Paperwork acts as an added burden on the delivery person and also the recipient. It is difficult to keep a record of such lengthy paperwork and it makes the delivery process tedious. With technological advancement, things are made easy and customers can electronically confirm the completion of delivery. This is a more reliable and efficient way of completing the order cycle.

Increment in Customer Satisfaction

With the elimination of potential fraud, unnecessary paperwork, and an increase in efficiency, customers are more satisfied with the delivery process. Proof of delivery increases trust in your delivery service as your order cycle is more reliable and inclusive when compared to others.

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