5 essential features to have for On-Demand Grocery Delivery app - Shipox DMS

The increase in the usage of the E-Commerce platform has made everything come online. You no longer have to stand in queues at the supermarket for your monthly groceries. With on-demand grocery delivery apps, you can sit at home and get groceries delivered at your doorstep without wasting any time or energy.

Everything from fresh vegetables to packed foods and household necessities is available on app. However, despite growing at a fast and steady rate, on-demand grocery delivery is still an underpenetrated section of on-demand delivery apps. This is because there is still a section of the population who prefer to visit brick and mortar stores. And to bring those people to shop online would require a great grocery delivery app.

Here is a list of five must-have features for on-demand grocery delivery app

1. Easy signup process

It is the most crucial feature, as it is the first step that a customer goes through. With secure sign in and sign up feature, your customers would be able to make an account on the app easily.In addition to this, provide an option for the signup process to social media accounts like Google, Facebook, etc. This would bring more customers to your on-demand grocery delivery app.

2. Enhanced search

On a grocery delivery app, there are hundreds of products available, which makes it difficult to choose. Providing users with an enhanced search option that would give them a quick list of items that are mostly sold or searched for household needs will help them get an idea of the shopping list.

3. Secure payment options at the checkout

Quick and Secure Payment Method is among an important feature as the user spends quite a time in browsing products, and selecting what he needs. A user all want now is a quick checkout with a secure payment option. Having multiple payment options like wallet,credit card,paypal etc. so that users can select and pay according to convenience. 

4. Push notifications

Having a push notification feature on your app will ensure that your users get timely updates about the app that would notify them about offers, coupons, and discounts on the products. This will bring more customers to your app.

5. Delivery management services 

It is essential to have a proper delivery management service for an on-demand grocery delivery app. Provide your users with a live tracking feature for their orders. This will provide them with the right information and will increase their engagement. 

Companies like Shipox DMS offer their customers live delivery management services with no additional investment in tracking technology.


The competition is rising in this field with every passing day. So, it is essential to have the right features, or else you would lack behind. By adding these five features to your on-demand grocery app will make users love your app.