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In a 3PL integration, a warehouse 3PL is integrated into the warehousing and transportation operations of a company. This partner handles and may customize the storage, transportation and distribution of goods and services for the company. 

About the Integration:

Jeebly is among the many 3PL integrations that are offered by Shipox. With this integration, customers can benefit from a variety of advantages. Here are some of the most important benefits that this 3PL integration has to offer:

  • One of the greatest advantages is that Shipox users will be able to offer their own clientele with a larger and holistic variety of services. If they do not offer a particular service themselves, they can use the same service offered by Jeebly branded under their own name. This plays an important role in the optimization of resources and in gaining client satisfaction. 
  • On top of an expanded variety of services that customers can offer, they can also benefit from the 3PL integration by covering a wider geographical area for the delivery of their orders. If their own fleet does not cover certain locations due to any reasons, their 3PL integration can cover up for them. This will automatically increase the scope and expansion of their own clientele. 
  • Using different 3PL integrations like Jeebly is a cost-effective option for Shipox customers because it allows them to easily choose which company to give what portion of their load to. They can choose the integration that carries out the best delivery procedure in the most cost effective manner, and transfer the most suitable number of orders to them.
  • Shipox customers will be able to enjoy complete transparency of the order journey for the orders being managed by Jeebly. They will be able to track the orders live and receive constant updates of the order status on their own Shipox system. This means that using a 3PL integration will not completely deprive you of the ability to monitor your deliveries. 
  • Shipox customers will be able to manage aggregate orders from a single dashboard. This will save their resources and time, enabling them to channel these towards achieving larger goals. 

How to Set Up the Integration?

For setting up the 3PL integration, all you need is to create Jeebly as a Supplier in your Shipox account and get yourself added as a customer for Jeebly.

3PL Integration Jeebly - Empowering the Growth in Logistics Industry
  1. Agreement 
  • Create an account on Jeebly
  • List service types
  • List areas
  • Automate allocation rules on shipox /manual assignment 
  • Start assigning orders, and 
  • Track live 
  1. The Service types in Shipox and (3PL company name) should be exactly the same. 
  1. The Service areas and non-service areas in Shipox and (3PL company name) should also be exactly the same.

About Jeebly: 

Founded in 2016, Jeebly is a tech-driven logistics solution brand that enables their partners as well as individuals to seamlessly manage their business and personal shipments, respectively.Headquartered in Dubai, they currently operate in UAE and Bahrain and plan to spread across the MENA region. Their aim is to set new standards and change the landscape of the last mile logistics industry with fast mile solutions. They resolve delivery challenges by offering logistic solutions that seamlessly blend mobility, data analytics and automation.